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General Machinery

  • Model No. 2310SADIP Switch Adjustable Single-Shot Timer
  • Model No. 2410SADIP Switch Adjustable Delay-On-Make Timer
  • Model No. 4300Interval Timing Module
  • Model No. 4310Interval Single-Shot Timing Module
  • Model No. 4315AC Power Interval Timer ACDC Control
  • Model No. 437Delay On Make Timing Module
  • Model No. 438Delay-On-Make Time Capsule®
  • Model No. 438USA-XUniversal Switch Adjustable Time Capsule ®
  • Model No. 4410Delay On Make Solid State Timer
  • Model No. 4415Delay On Make Solid State Timing Relay
  • Model No. 4600Repeat Cycle Timer
  • Model No. 4608On-Off Repeat Cycle Timer(20 A Output Contacts )
  • Model No. 46084608 On/Off Cycling Timer
  • Model No. 4610Zero Voltage Switching Repeat Cycle Timer
  • Model No. 4615Repeat Cycle Timer Isolated AC Output
  • Model No. 4973Configurable Controller with Remote Start
  • Model No. 5103Configurable Countdown Timer with Remote Start
  • Model No. 5400-EEvent Controller
  • Model No. 5700Cooking Controller
  • Model No. CTSCapacitive Touch Switch
  • Model No. EPC-12207Single-Shot Interval timer
  • Model No. EPC-13793Dual Output Countdown Timer
  • Model No. FT01SSolid State Output FlexTimer©
  • Model No. FT10RRelay Output FlexTimer©
  • Model No. P438USAPower Universal Switch Adjustable Time Capsule ®