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Cooking Controller

Model No. 5700 Description:
The NEW Artisan 5700 Capacitive Touch Through Glass Controller was designed to revolutionize the Food Equipment Industry. Made in the USA, this amazing Cooking/Frying Controller consists of two independent circuit boards connected via CAN to facilitate ease of mounting and expansion. The user interface board consists of a 7" color LCD display and can be ordered with either a capacitive touch or resistive touch system. The second board is the input/output (I/O) board which incorporates the power supply source for both boards and enough inputs and outputs for virtually any cooking application, and is expandable for more I/O capability. These two boards are connected with a single automotive-style (CAN) 4 conductor cable which provides power to the user interface and enables communications between the two circuit boards. Artisan’s Capacitive Touch Through Glass Technology allows the user to operate the controller through glass or plastic up to 10 mm thick even while wearing thick heat resistant kitchen gloves. The powerful graphics capabilities of the 5700 allow display of vivid color slide show images and text to assist with the use, maintenance and servicing of the equipment. The 5700 controller also allows importing of color icons and editable recipes to ensure proper food identification, preparation and product consistency.
Type Function Industries
Event Controller, Configurable Controller, Cooking Food Service, General Machinery

Operating Power 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz.
Temperature Input Six universal temperature inputs, 100 ohm RTD, J & K thermocouples
Display 7" Color LCD, 800 x 480 pixels
Output Relay Six 10 Ampere SPNO contact outputs rated:100,000 cycles at 2.5A @ 250VAC (inductive, cos(f) = 0.4)50,000 cycles at 10A @ 250VAC (resistive, cos(f) = 1.0)
Solid State Outputs Six 12V DC outputs suitable for SSR’s or small relays. 30mA max per output.
Switch Inputs Six 12V DC contact inputs.
USB Port Provided for importing recipes & icons and exporting recipes, icons, configuration, and activity logs
WiFi Connectivity Coming in 2018
Agency Listing ETL listed
Touch System Standard resistive touch or capacitive touch operating thru up to 10mm glass or plastic.

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