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Universal Switch Adjustable Time Capsule ®

Model No. 438USA-X Description:
The popularity of the original Model 438USA generated the requirements for Universal Switch Adjustable models with both shorter and extended timing ranges, along with special operating voltages. The model 438USA-X performs exactly as the 438USA, but with both timing and voltage ranges specified. By merely connecting the two terminals in series with any load circuit drawing between ten milliamperes and one ampere operating from the specified voltage range, the 438USA-X turns that load circuit into a delay on make timing circuit. Set the 10 DIP switches to the required delay, and apply operating voltage. “X” is replaced with a digit from 1 to 4
Type Function Industries
Delay On Make HVAC, Transportation, Railroad, General Machinery, Agriculture

Operating Voltage 19-288VAC or DC, non polarized.
Output Rating 10 milliamperes to 1 ampere inductive. Inrush to 25 amperes for 8 milliseconds.
Timing Mode Delay On Make
Timing Ranges 0.1-102.4 seconds and 2-2048 seconds, see specifications for part numbering
Timing Adjustment 10 position Dip switch located between power terminals. Opening of any switch position adds its associated time value to the total timing period.

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