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Dual Output Countdown Timer

Model No. EPC-13793 Description:
The EPC-13793 is a modified version of the Artisan model 4970 microcontroller based countdown interval timer with dual SPNO output contacts. During a timing cycle output relay 1 is energized and the display will countdown to zero, at which time output relay #1 de-energizes, output relay #2 energizes for 1 second, and the internal audible alarm starts. Pressing the STARTSTOP switch de-energizes the alarm and resets the display to the original cycle time. The time range is 00:01 - 99:59 minutes : seconds. Prior to the start of a cycle an LED on the front panel will be OFF. When running a timing cycle the LED will flash, and at the end of the cycle the timer will energize the LED will turn ON steady, and when idle the LED is off.
Type Function Industries
General Machinery

Timing Mode Interval countdown with dual outputs.
Operating Voltage 115V AC ±10% 50/60 Hz (-2) 230V AC ±10% 50/60 Hz (-3) @ 7W max.
Timing Accuracy ±1.0% of setting.
Digital Display Four (4) digit red LED, 0.5 inch high characters displays remaining timing interval.
Timing Cycle Memory 4 preset times plus the last cycle time kept in non-volatile memory. Preset times are accessed and programmed using the A, B, C, & D buttons. Each saved cycle time is saved with an alarm time.
Front Panel Switches Two for setting the cycle time, one for setting the alarm time, and one for starting and stopping the timer. Four preset time buttons for programming and recalling preset alarm and cycle times. Switches are raised membrane-type mounted on black pc board material front panel.
Audible Alarm The solid state alarm sounds at the end of the timing cycle until the Start/Stop switch is pressed, and for 10 seconds after the programmed alarm time has elapsed in a time cycle. Output rated for 103dB at 2 ft.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C.
Mounting 2.62 sq. cutout accepts timer which is secured with rear attached bracket & nut. Nut must not be tightened greater than 3 inch pounds, or product may be damaged. 6 (6) .25" Quick Connect terminals.
Wiring Certified to UL Component-Appliance Controls US Standards ATNZ2,

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