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Track Lubrication Control System

Model No. EPC-13915 Description:
The EPC-13915 is a microcontroller-based lubrication controller which incorporates a controller board integrating all of the system functions, replaceable power relay for controlling the lubricant pump, and connections for multiple wheel and environmental sensors mounted into a 8 x 6 plastic housing. The controller board is mounted behind the cover which has openings for the LED displays and individual status LEDs, a five-key membrane keypad covers the LED openings and provides user access. The controller accepts both 24V and low-level wheel sensor signals for two channels, and offers configurable unidirectional and bidirectional lubrication with settings dependant on direction, storage and display of total axle count and dispensed lubricant volume. It also provides an RS-232 port for communication with external communication systems to support retrival of real time status information, and static or dynamic setting of the lubrication settings.
Type Function Industries

Operating Voltage 24 VDC ±20%. 2A circuit breaker on power input
Dispense Timing From 2.0 seconds to 14.0 seconds in 0.5 sec increments.
Dispense Axle Counts From 1 to 128 axle counts.
Maximum Axle Counts LED display can show up to 99,999,999 counts.
Maximum Dispense Volume LED display can show up to 9,999,999.9 cu. in.
Recycle Time Operating voltage must be removed for a minimum of 200 milliseconds to guarantee system have reset.
Relay Output Rating Automotive bracket mounted relay, NO contacts rated for 40A . Connected to terminal blocks and 15A breaker with 14 AWG wires and ¼" QD lugs.
Piston Detect - RainSnow Inputs On/Off inputs can accomodate normally open contacts or solid state outputs. Solid state outputs must provide less than 1mA leakage current @ 24VDC when off and must reliabily switch a 10mA resistive load.
Terminal Block Terminals blocks mounted on interior panel for wiring. 8mm euro-style blocks rated for 20A @ 300V, 12-22 AWG wires.
Transient Protection On all inputs.
Digital Display 500V rms all terminals to case.
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C.
Humidity 95% non-condensing.
Construction PCB conformally coated. Fiberglass polyester case is NEMA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4X, 12 & 13 rated before installation of wiring openings.

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