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Tea Dispensing Controller

Model No. EPC-13745 Description:
The EPC-13745 is a microprocessor-based controller designed to perform all of the operations required to mix, brew, and dispense hot tea beverages. The device controls all valves, pumps, and heaters while sensing the hot water temperature, tea and sweetner availability. The hot water temperature control is performed with a two point comparator circuit providing onoff control with hysterisis. The time of day is set using the Clock switch and LED display, this time is used to perform automatic system rinses at 3:00 am to maintain internal cleanliness. A real time clock with lithium battery backup maintains the time.
Type Function Industries
Food Service

Operating Voltage 24V AC, ±10%, 50/60Hz.
Valve Output Rating Four outputs capable of driving 10W DC solenoid valves with bridge rectified 24V AC power. Solid state 0.5A outputs with flyback diodes.
Pump Output Rating Two outputs capable of driving 10W DC pump motors on a pulse width modulated basis. Solid state 0.5A outputs with flyback diodes. Flavor pump output percentage slaved to Tea pump. Tea pump output determined by 100k external strength adjustment potentiometer.
Heater Output SPNO relay contacts rated at 3A resistive at 125VAC/30VDC. Mechanical life is 1x107 operations, electrical life is 5x105 operations at rated load.
Temperature Sensor Thermistor rated for 5000 Ohm @ 25°C, provided by customer.
Temperature Control Two point comparator circuit providing on/off control with hysterisis. Low sensing temperature 180°F, high temperature 185°F. Additional 160°F temperature sense point for rinse control.
Timing Accuracy Maximum measurement error of ±1°F plus external sensor error.
Real Time Clock Integrated circuit with lithium battery backup maintains clock time in excess of 1 year with power removed. Accuracy ±2 minutes per month.
Clock Display Four digit display with colon. Colon blinks to indicate clock operation, lower dot indicates am when illuminated. Upper dot indicates heater output is energized when illuminated.
Switch Inputs Dry contact DC input circuits. External switch must switch low level current of 1mA at 5VDC.
Status Indicators Bi-color (red/amber) LED's.
Transient Protection Power input protected by silicon transient suppressor which responds to transients within 1 x 10-12 seconds to a peak pulse power dissipation of 1500 watts.
Construction Open PC board construction with Molex connectors, mating parts shown on mechanical diagram. Dimensions in accordance with Tandem Technologies drawing LBJ0602036 Rev D.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 55°C.

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