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Model No. Emergency LED Lighting Controller For Rail Systems Description:
The EPC-13858 is a microcontroller based emergency LED lighting controller intended for use in 74V DC rail systems. Monitoring the 74V DC voltage, the EPC-13858 will energize external LEDs using an internal 12V sealed lead acid battery when the 74V supply fails. Should the remote LEDs be energized, the 74V DC operating power must be re-established in order to turn off the LEDs. The EPC-13858 provides trickle charging for the internal battery and reports the battery status using the box-mounted Test Switch and status LED, the battery can be fully recharged unless discharged below the 10V minimum voltage.
Type Function Industries

Operating Voltage 60V - 80V DC
Battery Supply Rechargeable sealed lead acid type 12V DC, Power Sonic PS-1270 or equivalent.
Battery Charging Trickle charging voltage is 13.5 - 13.8 V, 75mA nominal. Battery can be recharged with higher charging currents unless discharged below 10V.
Operating Temperature 0°C to +60ºC
Construction Painted and labeled metal enclosure with isolating mounting grommets, ventilation slots\vents, and 1/4 turn fasteners for cover.

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