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Programmable Repeat Cycle ON - OFF Timer

Model No. 4980 Description:
The 4980 is a highly configurable on/off cycling timer which provides a high current relay contact output. It provides 6 different timing ranges for the ON and OFF times in addition to multiple settings for cycle time adjustment (full, limit, fixed) and the timing adjustment increment. The ON and OFF timing configurations are independent from each other, allowing for such configurations as a fixed ON time in 0.01 second increments and adjustable OFF times up to 9999 hours. With the timer configured as from the factory, upon application of power the timer displays rdY and is in an idle state. Pressing the RUN button starts the ON cycle which turns the relay contacts on and counts the on time down on the LED display. Once the on cycle is complete the timer turns the output relay off and starts counting down the OFF cycle. Pressing the Pause/Stop button at any time will turn the output relay off (if it is on) and the display flashes the current time. Pressing the Pause/Stop button again continues the timing cycle from when it was paused. Press and holding the Pause/Stop button for 2 seconds resets the timer back to the idle state. The timing values are set in the idle state, pressing and holding the ON TIME button displays the current on time which can then be adjusted with the up and down buttons. Holding the up and down buttons cause the values to scroll at increasing rates. Use the OFF TIME button in a similar manner to change that time.The timer always saves its current state when power is removed, and can be configured to power up into various states: the state it was powered down in, always to the ON cycle, always to the OFF cycle, into the paused state, or into the idle state. The user can also configure which state the controller starts in when the RUN button is pressed, either the ON state or the OFF state.
Type Function Industries
On/Off Cycling, Configurable Controller HVAC

Operating Voltage 12V DC (10V - 18V DC) (-1), 115V AC 50/60Hz. (105V - 135V AC) (-2), 230V AC 50/60Hz. (208V - 250V AC) (-3) See Ordering Information.
Timing Mode Programmable Repeat Cycle ON - OFF.
Timing Accuracy ±.5% of ON - OFF setting.
Digital Display Four (4) digit red LED, 0.5 inch high characters displays the time remaining in both the ON and OFF cycle when in progress.
Output Type SPDT Power relay contacts.
Output Rating Normally Open Contacts: Rated for 20 amperes inductive or resistive at 125 or 240 VAC and 30V DC, 6 amps inductive or resistive at 277 VAC. 2 HP motor load at 240 VAC, 1 HP motor load at 125 VAC, 6 amperes ballast load at 125 or 277 VAC, 60 amps LRA at 240 VAC, 20 amperes FLA at 240 VAC. Normally Closed Contacts: rated for 10 amperes inductive or resistive at 125 or 240 VAC, 3 amps inductive or resistive at 277 VAC, 10 amps inductive or resistive at 30 VDC, 1/2 HP motor load at 240 VAC, 1/4 HP motor load at 125 VAC, 3 amperes ballast load at 125 or 277 VAC, 33 LRA at 240 VAC, 10 amperes FLA at 240 VAC.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70° C.
Mounting 2.62 sq. cutout accepts timer. Timer secured with rear attached bracket & nut. (hardware supplied)
Wiring Three (3) .25" Quick Connect terminals for power relay connections, two (2) #18 AWG wires, 12 inches long for operating voltage.

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