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Repeat Cycle Timer Isolated AC Output

Model No. 4615 Description:
Intended for operation with AC loads only, the 4615 series was developed to emulate the older electromechanical synchronous motor type of repeat cycle timer. In these timers, a cam closed a switch on each rotational cycle of an AC synchronous motor. The cam driven rotational cycle has been replaced by the Repeat Cycle Time portion of the 4615. The switching action of the electromechanical timer has been replaced by an solid state AC switch energizing on each repeat cycle. The output of the model 4615 is a 5 ampere solid state zero voltage switching AC device, and this output switch is optically isolated from the incoming control voltage. The 5 ampere service can be extended up to 10 amperes with proper heat sinking of the metal base on the timer housing. The 4615 is available in fixed timing models only.
Type Function Industries
Timer Repeat Cycle General Machinery, Agriculture

Control Voltage 12V DC, 24V DC, 48V DC, 24V AC, 48V AC, 115V AC, or 230V AC
Voltage Tolerances ±20%, AC 50/60 Hz.
Timing Mode Repeat Cycle Timing - Energize portion of cycle turns on with application of operating voltage.
Purchase Tolerance ±5%, ±10% (std), and ±20% available.
Repeatability Of Timing Periods ±2% nominal.
Recycle Time Control voltage must be removed for a minimum of 200 milliseconds to guarantee all timing and output circuits have reset.
Output Rating Rated for 70 mA to 5 A inductive with inrush current to 25A for 8 mS. Operation can be extended to 10A providing the metal base of the timer is maintained at a temperature no greater than 85°C. This can generally be achieved if ambient temperature does not exceed 30°C and the timer is mounted to a metal chassis that provides a minimum of 15 cubic inches of heat sink. Apply a thermal compound between the timer’s base and the chassis.
Output Voltage Drop in ON state 1.75 volts maximum at 5 amperes during Energize Time.
Transient Protection Protected by silicon transient suppressors which respond to transients within 1 x 10-12 seconds to a peak pulse power dissipation of 1500 watts, with transient surge currents to 200 amperes for durations up to 1/120 second at 25° C. Maximum transient voltage protection is 6000 volts as delivered through a source resistance of 30 ohms with a maximum duration of 8.3 milliseconds.
Dielectric Strength 1500Vrms from all terminals to case or heatsink, 1200Vrms from control voltage terminals to AC output terminals.
Operating Temperature -20°C to +85°C.

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