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Emergency Backup Lighting Controller

Model No. EPC-13858 Description:
The EPC-13858 is a microcontroller based Emergency Backup Lighting Controller developed for use in 74V DC rail systems. The EPC-13858 energizes external LED lamps using an internal 12V sealed lead acid battery when the 74V supply fails. The 74V DC operating power must be re-established in order to turn the emergency lights off. The controller provides charging of the internal battery and automatically reports the battery status through the red Battery State LED mounted in the cover and to the external CDS. The unit incorporates an Echelon® LonWorks® twisted pair interface which broadcasts critical messages containing system and battery status to the CDS. This system is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of 49CFR238.115
Type Function Industries

Operating Voltage 60V - 80V DC
Battery Backup Rechargeable sealed lead acid type 12V DC, 7Ah capacity. See Battery Operation section for charging and discharging performance
Operating Temperature 0°C to +50ºC.
Mounting Any orientation which allows convective airflow to the ventilation slots.

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