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Elevator Emergency Lighting System

Model No. EPC-13832 Description:
The EPC-13832 is a microcontroller-based emergency lighting controller which integrates battery charging, brownout voltage sensing and timing, and a 90dB low power alarm bell into one convenient package. The design includes multiple high-intensity LED cluster lights for long-term illumination of the elevator cab. The robust steel case and sophisticated design provide sufficient power for the LED cluster lights for over 8 hours of operation, not the 30-45 minute duration typical of low-end emergency lighting systems. Combine this with the three year life of the sealed lead-acid battery (included) and you have a rugged low-maintenance lighting system which protects your passengers through the longest power outages.
Type Function Industries

Operating Voltage 115V or 220V AC, 50/60 Hz, specify voltage when ordering. Unit operates from internal 12V DC battery once AC input power is removed.
Timing Accuracy 10 seconds ±5% for brownout sensing, 30 seconds ±5% for voltage recovery.
Audible Alarm 6" diameter 12V DC bell, minimum 90dBA at 10', 60mA nominal current draw. Bell meets or exceeds applicable UL, FM, and OSHA requirements.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C.
Construction Control board and battery installed in galvanized steel case with mounting feet and 7/8" electrical wiring knockouts.

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