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Delay On Break Timer

Model No. 2710 Description:
The 2710 is a Delay-On-Break timer controlling a SPDT set of relay contacts. The 2710 is available in a range of both AC and DC models. With operating voltage applied, the timer is in a stand-by mode. Closure of the INITIATE switch causes the output contacts to energize and remain energized until a preset timing period after the INITIATE switch opens. Re-closure of the INITIATE switch during timing resets the timer, keeping the output energized.
Type Function Industries
Timer Delay On Break HVAC

Timing Mode Delay-On-Break Timing - Initiate switch controlled
Operating Voltage 12, 24V DC or 24, 115V AC.
Adjustable Timing Ranges 0.1 - 30.0 seconds, 2 - 1000 seconds, 30 - 8000 seconds.
Purchase Tolerance Low time 0%, -50%, High time -0%, 30%. Example - Timing range -3, (2 - 1000 seconds), can range from 1 to 1300 seconds, with 2 - 1000 seconds as a guaranteed minimum range.
Repeatability Of Timing Periods ±2%
TimingTemperature Coefficient ±0.25% deg.C
Output Relay SPDT contacts - 12A at 125V AC UL E88991 & CSA LR90143, 10A 125V AC TUV R9452021.
Terminations Octal plug-in type.
Dielectric Strength 1,200V rms between open contact sets, 1,500V rms between contacts and operating voltage terminals
Transient Protection Protected by silicon transient suppressors responding to transients within 1x10-12 seconds to a peak pulse power dissipation of 1500 watts.
Operating Temperature 0 deg.C to 70 deg.C

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