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DIP Switch Adjustable Off-On Cycling Timer

Model No. 2601SA Description:
The 2601SA is an OFFON cycle timer controlling a DPDT set of relay contacts. The 2601SA is available in a range of both AC and DC models. When operating voltage is applied to the timer the output contacts remain de-energized initiating the OFF portion of the cycle. At the end of the OFF timing period the contacts energize and the ON timing period begins. At the end of the ON timing period the cycle repeats for as long as the operating voltage is applied. The 12 position DIP switches allow for selection of time range and time period for both the ON and OFF times, allowing different ranges for each.
Type Function Industries
On/Off Cycling HVAC

Operating Voltage 12, 24V DC or 24, 115V AC.
Timing Mode Off/On Repeat Cycle Timing
Adjustable Timing Ranges 0.1 - 102.4 seconds, 1 - 1024 seconds, 1 - 1024 minutes, 1 - 1024 hours
Repeatability Of Timing Periods Better than ±2%
TimingTemperature Coefficient Better than ±0.1% / °C
Output Relay SPDT contacts - 12A at 125V AC UL E88991 & CSA LR90143, 10A 125V AC TUV R9452021.
Terminations Octal plug-in type.
Dielectric Strength 750 V rms between open contact sets, 1,500V rms between contacts and operating voltage terminals.
Transient Protection Protected by silicon transient suppressors responding to transients within 1x10-12 seconds to a peak pulse power dissipation of 1500 watts.
Operating Temperature 0°C to +65°C

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