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Interval Timer

Model No. 4383 Description:
The model 4383 is an interval timing device that is has three sets of relay output contacts. Two sets are normally open and one set is normally closed. When operating voltage is applied, the output contacts transfer for the full duration of the preset timing period, or until the operating voltage is removed. The model 4383 is protected against high electrical noise as is found in electric transit cars and locomotive type applications. Both fixed timing and remotely adjustable timing models are available. The polarity of operating voltage does not have to be observed.
Type Function Industries
Timer Interval

Operating Voltage 74V DC nominal (60V-90V DC)
Operating Current 75 mA maximum at 74 volts DC.
Output Relay contacts 3PST-two sets normally open and one set of normally closed. Contacts rated for 100,000 cycles minimum with resistive load of .5 (1/2) amperes at 74V DC.
Timing Mode Interval

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