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Interval Timing Module

Model No. 437D Description:
The model 437D interval timing module is an in-line timing device that energizes a load circuit for a preset timing period each time that operating voltage is applied. Ease of installation permits the model 437D circuit. When a DC operating voltage is applied the 437D turn ON and the load current is permitted to flow. At the end of the delay period, the model 437D turns OFF and only leakage current is permitted to flow. To recycle, remove the operating voltage for at least 50 milliseconds then re-apply.
Type Function Industries
Timer Interval

Operating Voltage 48V DC, tolerance 30-60V DC.
Output 20 to 500 milliamperes, inductive loads must have a protective snubber diode.
Output Voltage Drop, ON state 12 volts max, 9 volts nominal.
Output Leakage Current, OFF State 2mA max. at nominal input voltage
Timing Mode In-Line Interval
Timing Ranges 50 milliseconds to 600 seconds.
Timing Adjustment Factory fixed.
Transient Protection 1000V transients for durations up to 10 milliseconds will not destroy timer.

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