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Remote Adjust Interval Time Capsule ®

Model No. 438RI Description:
The model 438RI (Adjustable Interval Time Capsule) is an all Solid State In-Line timing device providing Interval timing control of any load device operating from 115 or 230V AC or DC. Timing is Adjustable from 1 to 1000 seconds. When power is applied, the 438RI turns On permitting full load current to flow. At the end of the preset timing period the 438RI turns Off and permits only leakage current to flow through the load. The interval timing action can be repeated by removing and re-applying the operating voltage.
Type Function Industries
Timer Interval Elevator-Escalator

Operating Voltage 115 or 230VAC or DC
Frequency 50/60 Hz. for AC inputs.
Output 0.25 ampere inductive with inrush current to 8 amperes for 8 milliseconds. 10 volt maximum drop across timer when output is ON, 3mA leakage current through timer when output is OFF
Timing Mode In-Line Interval
Timing Ranges Adjustable from 1 to 1000 seconds, Add 10,000 (10K) ohms for each second required above 1 second.
Timing Repeatability +/- 1% at stabilized operating voltage and temperature
Transient Protection 6000 volts as delivered through a source resistance of 30 ohms with a max duration of 8.3 milliseconds.

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