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Interval Single-Shot Timing Module

Model No. 4310 Description:
The model 4310 can perform as either an interval timer or as a single shot timer. It controls DC load circuits to 1 ampere and AC load circuits up to 10 amperes. The AC models provide zero voltage or random switching when turning ON the load circuit. To use as a single shot timer a jumper across terminals 6 & 7 is required. Operating as a single shot timer, the load will remain ON for the full timing duration even if the initiate switch closure is momentary. Without the jumper the 4310 performs the function of an interval timer. Operating as an interval timer, the initiate switch must be closed longer than the timing period. Available in both fixed and adjustable timing models.
Type Function Industries
Timer Single Shot General Machinery, Lighting

Operating Voltage 12, 24, 48V DC, or 24, 48, 120, 230V AC
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz. for AC Inputs
Output -A & -C models rated for 70 milliamperes to 1 ampere inductive. -B & -D models (AC only) rated for 70 milliamperes to 5 ampere inductive, 10 amperes with external heatsinking.
Output Switching -A & -B AC models provide zero-voltage switching, -C & -D AC models provide random voltage switching
Timing Mode Interval Single Shot
Timing Range -1 (0.1 - 30 seconds), -2 (1 - 300 seconds), -3 (2 - 1000 seconds), -4 (10 - 4500 seconds), or -5 (30 - 8000 seconds)

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