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True Delay On Break Timer

Model No. 4390 Description:
The model 4390 is considered a TRUE delay-on-break timing relay because it does not require any operating voltage or control switching to maintain the output contacts in a transferred state after operating voltage has been removed. When the operating voltage is applied, the output contacts transfer and remain in this state until the operating voltage is removed, the delay-on-break timing period begins. At the end of the timing period, the output contacts return to their de-energized state.
Type Function Industries
Timer Delay On Break HVAC

Operating Voltage 100-250V AC, 50 / 60Hz, must be applied for a minimum of 500 milliseconds to assure Delay-On-Break timing period.
Operating Current 20 milliamperes maximum at 250V AC.
Output Type SPDT relay contacts.
Output Rating ULCSA rated 8 amperes, 16HP 125V-250V AC.
Timing Ranges Fixed units available from .5-300 seconds, Adjustable units are supplied in 5 ranges per chart below using external 1 Meg Ohm potentiometer
Timing Repeatability +/- 5% nominal
Recycle Time A new cycle can be initiated 50 milliseconds after completion of Delay-On-Break timing period
Operating Temperature -40 C to 65 C.

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