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Solid State Universal Flasher

Model No. 438UF Description:
The model 438UF (Universal Flasher) is an all Solid State In-Line device providing ON-OFF (flashing) control to any load device operating from 24 to 240V AC or DC. Flash rate is set via a remote resistor ranging from zero to 10 meg ohms to achieve a flash rate ranging from 30 FPM to 1 flash every 2000 seconds. During the On portion of the cycle, full load current is permitted to flow. At the end of the ON portion of cycle 438UF turns OFF and permits only leakage current to flow through the load.
Type Function Industries
Flasher Elevator-Escalator

Operating Voltage 24-240V AC 50 / 60 Hz or DC
Timing Mode Flasher
Output 10 mA to 0.25A inductive. Inrush to 8A for 8ms. 10 volt (max) drop across flasher output during ON period, 3mA (max) leakage current through flasher output during OFF period.
Flashing Range 2 - 2000 seconds @ 50% duty cycle. At the 2 second flash period, output is ON for 1, and OFF for 1 second.
Flash Rate Adjustment Flash Rate Adjustment
Flash Rate Adjustment Tolerance - 10% calculated value.
Operating Temperature -20 deg. C to 85 deg. C.

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