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EPC-13811 / BKI CP0046 Replacement

The EPC-13811 Replacement Kit is a drop in replacement for the EPC-13811 controller, also known as the BKI CP0046. This kit provides the 5400-006 controller which mounts in place of the EPC-13811 and it includes an overlay designed to fit on your BKI VGG oven.

NEW 5500 Cooking Controller

The NEW Artisan 5500 Capacitive Touch controller is our latest controller for the food equipment market. Operating on 12V DC this controller provides 2 bidirectional outputs for reversible motor control, 6 unidirectional outputs, 6 low voltage switch inputs, and three inputs for high speed events such as RPM measurement. All solid state outputs have over-current protection and provide real-time current measurement.

Artisan Controls on Fox "Manufacturing Marvels"

A video on Artisan Controls has been broadcast on Manufacturing Marvels on on the FOXBusiness channel. This 2 minute video gives you a broad picture of Artisan's history over the past 60 years. Click on the QR code or take a picture of it and follow to our video.


For more than 40 years, Artisan Controls Corporation has been recognized world wide as a leader in the design and manufacture of timers and controllers . Founded by military groomed engineers, Artisan's expertise includes the early design and manufacture of controllers for test firing explosives for the US military in the 1960s; test firing the Engines in the Apollo Space program in the 1970s; creating a line of industrial controllers for machinery, HVAC and elevator systems in the 1980s; railroad brake and coupling systems in 1990s; controllers for the food service industry in 2000, Emergency Lighting on Amtrak passenger cars and state of the art Dimmers for Movie Theaters in 2005 and more recently controllers for conveyors, agriculture feed systems and disbursing lubricants for the railroad. In 2012, Artisan rolled out its Nex-Gen Line of Cooking and Frying Controllers for the Food Service Industry.


We at Resfab are very pleased with the design team at Artisan Controls.
Robert Massé, CPA,CA
Resfab Equipment Inc

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We have been using the Artisan “4950 Programmable Event Controller”
Sean Orr, President
Champion Pools
Ledgewood, NJ

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