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Universal Switch Adjustable Interval Time Capsule ®

Model No. 438USA-INT Description:
The model 438USA-INT (Universal Switch Adjustable Interval Time Capsule) is an all Solid State timer provide Internal timing control of any load device operating from 24 to 240V AC. Timing is set via a binary coded dip switch and is adjustable from 1 to 1024 seconds. When power s applied, the 438USA-INT turns On permitting full load current to flow. At the end of the preset timing period the 438USA-INT turns Off and permits only leakage current to flow.
Type Function Industries
Interval Elevator-Escalator

Operating Voltage 24 to 240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz.
Timing Mode Interval, external load energizes when operating voltage is applied and turns OFF after preset timing period as set by 10 DIP switches.
Timing Range Digital timing is DIP switch programmable from 1 to 1024 seconds. From 1 second (All Closed) to 1024 seconds (All Open) in 1 second
Timing Adjustment increments.
Timing Tolerance ±10%, or 1 second whichever is greater.
Repeatability Of Timing Periods ±1% nominal.
Recycle Time 100 milliseconds.
Output Rating 10 mA to 1A inductive with inrush current to 25A for 8 milliseconds.
Output Voltage Drop in ON state 4 volt maximum during an interval timing cycle.
Transient Protection Maximum transient voltage protection is 6000 volts as delivered through a source resistance of 30 ohms with a maximum duration of 8.3 milliseconds.
Operating Temperature -20°C to +85°C
Humidity 95% condensing
Terminations Four (4) #20 AWG wire six (6) inches long, Two (2) for operating voltage and two (2) for load circuit.

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